Masks for burned hair - best recipes

In the quest for beauty for girls, go to all the victims, and very often suffer from hair. Straightening irons, blow-drying, perming, coloring — all of which can burn the hair, and the scorching sun and cold only exacerbate the problem. In the end, become dry straw. A short haircut and grow a healthy locks, but not everyone is ready for such a bold move. Fortunately there are less drastic recovery methods, for example, masks for the burnt hair.

caring for burned hair

Causes of burning

Burn curls — the result of chemical and thermal effects, among which:

  • color and lightening;
  • the impact of chlorine in the water from the tap and the basin;
  • the use of electric appliances (hairdryer, Flatiron, Curling iron);
  • perms;
  • the impact of the scorching sun.

Chlorine and aggressive substances which can corrode the paint surface of the hair, and destroy their structure. The upper layer peels off the cuticle, the cortex becomes exposed and begins to lose moisture. It causes dehydration. The result is strands fade and become dry, causing wrinkles and split ends.

General instructions for care

Hair, burned with chemicals or paint, completely restored not because the dead cells cannot be updated. Still with proper care, can achieve significant improvement in appearance and gradually grow back healthy hair.

Burned curls requires careful consideration, otherwise it will start to fall hard. It is therefore the main care — not to hurt. This will help to the following guidelines:

  1. Haircut. It is not necessary to be cut short, but it is very important to get rid of at least a few inches of burnt ends. This will prevent further excision and splitting of the hair. Shorter, but living curls look much nicer than it is long, with dry and split ends.
  2. Wash. Damaged hair can not wash every day, it is better to be limited to 2-3 times per week, to prevent the further loss of natural oils. Water must not be hotter than 40 degrees, otherwise it will dissolve the keratin. Should choose a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients.
  3. Drying. During treatment, it is better to forget about the hair dryer, making it in extreme cases. If you need to use, be sure to put on locks heat air conditioning. It is better to dry the hair on a delicate cycle with the cold air.
  4. Coloring and perms. Chemical dyes, do not use, but difficult to fulfil this condition, if the roots grow back a different shade. The solution is to shade only the basal part of the. Highlights can be tinted with a soft tool. Another option is to add chamomile, onion peels, black tea for the treatment of the mask as a dye. Perming damaged hair, is highly desirable.
  5. Combing and styling. The comb should be selected with a few teeth. It is impossible to pull the strands and comb through wet hair — you are very sensitive, so it is best to wait for drying. Hair iron, hair curler, hair dryer and other appliances should not be used, at least the need to protect the hair with a protective conditioner. Excess hairpins, barrettes, tight braids and tails. It is better to abandon varnishes and mousses for styling, or at least keep their use to a minimum.

Of the world. Also hair requires lots of moisture, so it is worth lubricating them with oils. In the heat and cold, must wear a hat.

Recipes for homemade masks

Caring for locks necessarily involves the use of masks. Better to cook them yourself at home, because it is their natural formulation, which will benefit the most. Putting on the mask, care should be taken that the roots.

Almost all of the recipes, if you want, you can add vitamins A and E, contained in the vials or glycerin — these ingredients deeply nourish the follicles, promotes fast growth of new, healthy hair. That does not masks should be regular, twice a week for at least 3 months.


Yolk — affordable and useful product, which helps to restore the appearance of damaged veins. Recipes with ingredients:

  • Two egg yolks and the juice of half a lemon. Stir and apply on the locks for 10 minutes and Rinse decoction of chamomile. The mask will smooth curls and Shine.
  • One egg yolk, 1 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tsp of honey and 2 crushed cloves of garlic. Rubbed into the scalp, put a bag, wrap with a towel and go to bed. In the morning wash off the mask, rinse your tresses with nettle soup. Gradually, the hair will look better, but will also a dandruff.

1 egg yolk, 1 chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of honey. For the distribution of the composition on the strands, after one hour, rinse with water. Get rid of the smell of the onion will help the shampoo.


Dairy products are rich in protein and calcium, this strengthens blood vessels, prevents the destruction of the keratin. Effective recipes:

proper care
  • 100 ml milk, 5 drops of castor oil, burdock and olive oil. Lubricating composition to the hair, wrap the head with a bag and a towel, hold the hour and a half.
  • 100 ml of milk, 150 grams of bread and 1 tbsp of castor oil. Wait for softening the bread, mix everything and apply on the locks for 30 minutes.
  • Yogurt. Ten minutes to RUB it into the roots, massaging the scalp, then insulate with a towel and leave for one hour.

Milk mask to do so before the next shampooing. You need to wash with shampoo and often use it for damaged hair, it's not worth it.

With oil

Essential oils are precious active ingredients, which comprehensive works on damaged hair, providing nourishment and strengthening roots, stimulates the growth of hair and gives them Shine. More effective recipes:

  1. The juice of two onions, half a lemon, 2 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of almond oil. Apply for 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. 1 tbsp honey, beaten egg yolk, 3 drops of cedar and rosemary oils. To have investors for 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.
  3. 5 tablespoons of brandy, 2 egg yolks, juice of half a lemon, 2 drops peppermint, pine, juniper oils. Apply for 30 minutes, rinse with water.

Useful tips

The beauty of curls, depending on the condition of the body. Therefore, in addition to the external care of the locks at home, you must take into account a number of rules.

  1. To adjust the power. For the integrity of the cuticle and the strength of the follicles necessary protein and also amino acids cysteine. Sufficient intake of these substances in the organism of the strands will be a nice Shine, there will be more to break and fall out. It is therefore important for a balanced diet with plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  2. To abandon the diet during the treatment in the curls. Otherwise, they will receive less vitamins and minerals.
  3. Take a multivitamin complexes. Only when sufficient levels of the nutrients in the body, they can penetrate into the structure of the hair.
  4. To sleep, to get positive emotions and to avoid stress. Nervous and physical stress – the most common causes for weak hair and black eyes.

Burned curls need gentle care. You need to cut split ends to choose natural cosmetics for hair, to avoid hair dryer, Curling iron, and coloring. That is not revitalizing mask, 2 times a week, brush your hair with oils to moisturize. Regular implementation of these procedures, the result was already evident after 1-2 months, and after 3 months the appearance of hair will improve greatly.