Experience with the use of Hair Megaspray

Its history is shared with us Kleio from the city of Livadia (Greece). The girl told me about how to spray Hair Megaspray she is able to restore the beauty and health of your hair.

From childhood I had a lot of hair. Hair was below the waist, a range that exceeds 10 cm. the holidays always doing curls – they were all happy. Washing my hair the simplest shampoo, mask and lotion not at all dried hair in the hot environment, and everything was great.

The beginning of my horror

Over time, the hair structure is changed, whereupon they became loose, dull and dry. I have a global value, which is not released, it is simply more likely to collect in the tail and cut off half the length, as well as due to the split ends curls looked to be, not very. Over time, hair is not something that will fall out and just crumble almost intact strands from the scalp. After 8 months I realized that this is not a seasonal problem, and I have a decent hairline began to see not only where a farewell, but also on the forehead and behind the ears. At home I wore a scarf, because hair was everywhere. It was then that I became interested in health care.

I just a hair is not. Start with folk remedies (masks, which is based on onions, eggs and bread), then moved to the store-bought options (peppermint mask, a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioners, etc.), subscribe to various oils, mask vibes, crystals – it was not in the one example, as was thought, what exactly this tool is just not suitable, but the same from another company in another bottle will be a miracle and my hair will be the same. Times, despair, and sometimes he continued to treat the remains of her hair. Buy everything from the shelves and a lot of things ordered from abroad via the internet.

This lasted for about 2 years, how much money and nerves in this time I've spent just yet, I do not want to remember. Is reached, that is the photo to darken the bald areas using Photoshop. A girl already in a firm voice that I need to see a doctor, and almost pulled me to a specialist. After examination the doctor said that the problem is not specialization, that is, I'm probably a failure in the endocrine system, so she directed me on delivery of the hormones. I was sure then I'll be all right, because in addition to hair loss is practically nothing to be bothered (there may have been some fatigue and headaches, but I was related to overexertion at work).

Overall, I got the results back, and nothing good in them was not. The endocrinologist has diagnosed with hypothyroidism, prescribed by a hormone replacement therapy and said that everything will pass as fast as normalizes the level of thyroid hormones. After a 3-month course of the pills, no change. Then I changed the doctor and new I was informed, to pass the tests for iron, iodine and selenium. It turns out that I have a deficiency of all these nutrients. In General, I saw the pills to compensate for the lack of hair as fell and continue to fall out and break, and their appearance even in the tail is terrible.

As noted, the spray Hair Megaspraythat saved my hair

A month later, I again passed the tests – all the indicators were normal, all the drugs I cancelled and was advised to wait, say, the hair itself will be restored. But wait, I is not going to be and when she would have to wait, because I was afraid to wake up in the morning bald. I started a poll on the forum where there were a lot of girls with a similar problem, and one of the participants is told to try the spray Hair Megaspray. She said that it was very useful when after the birth is also very hair began to fall. Well, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try.

What a joy it was to comb and not see a piece of hair on the brush. At the time of harvest, no longer had to several times to place a damp cloth over the carpet to collect hair and then to the vacuum. In the bathroom was no more clogged pipes, around the house, you can walk with your hair down. In General, the hair fall stops.

Then I started to worry that receding hairline will remain, and the new hair does not grow on these places. So I started to look at the procedure when the scalp injections to awaken dormant follicles. But fortunately, I is not useful. After a month of use, it became clear that the hair grows, and very quickly. Measured growth – approximately 2.5 cm per month, which is very good. Overall, since the year has passed, hair has been completely renovated, and most importantly, not only on the quantity but also the quality of the hair, is still. Now, of course, I am shore your hair, cheap shampoos are not mine, about hydration and nutrition are not forgotten. But don't forget, that saved me just spray Hair Megaspray.

Experience in the use of Hair Megaspray

I know that a lot of girls that suffer from these problems, so I decided to write my story. Of course, a visit to the doctor, because hair loss is most often associated with internal problems, but as you can see, even after removing the hairs by themselves are not restored, they need an assistant. Hair Megaspray faced with the loss and accelerates the growth. I advise to all!